6 Christian Dating advice for Christian Singles Over 50

There is nothing evil with dating and having a person in your life. In fact, studies show that most religious people have better and more fulfilling relationships than their non-religious partners. To have a great relationship as Christian singles over 50, you need to consider these Christian dating advice:

Watch who you date

It’s often said that you become the person/people you spend most of your time with. As you know, when you are dating, you spend a lot of time together. To be on the safe side, be cautious of the person that you allow into your life. Corinthians 6:14 states that when you team up with unbelievers, you start living their lifestyle. While there is no harm in dating a non-believer, you should pay close attention to their character. As a Christian, you want a person of high moral character. He/she should also be honest and dependable.

Maintain purity

Sex before marriage is frowned upon in the Christian world. While having it doesn’t mean that you will die, you should avoid engaging in it as a sign of respect and honor to one another. God designed sex for marriage, and as a Christian, it’s your duty to protect it. You might have the pressure to engage in it as almost every couple is engaging in it, but you should work hard at ensuring that it doesn’t happen.

You can do this by avoiding putting yourself in compromising situations. Avoid spending time in a secluded area with your partner. When meeting, be in a public place such as hotel or mall. If spending time indoors, be in the company of a friend.

Make use of online dating sites/apps

If you thought dating sites are for people looking for casual hookups, think again. Nowadays, there are plenty of niche dating sites for professionals, Christian and more. You have the option of choosing a person from your domination or any other. To increase your chances of finding a partner, create a stellar profile. This calls for you to give a mission statement of the person you are looking for. You should also post your pictures to help the people know who you are. And if you would like to go more specific like if you are a LDS single, you would like to date other LDS singles, just go with dating sites/apps designed for Mormon singles only.

Be open for growth of the relationship

It’s not all the time you meet someone, and you instantly feel attracted to them. While you might have similar interests such singing in the choir and engaging in other church activities, it doesn’t mean that the spark will be there instantly. Even if you meet online, you won’t be attracted to each other immediately. If you are at a point where you meet someone, and you have a feeling that they might be ideal for you but you aren’t attracted to them, don’t worry as the feelings might blossom with time.

All you need to do is to spend more time with the person. The more time you spend with this person, the more qualities you will see in them. During this period, you might feel attracted to them if the qualities are positive.

Don’t be needy

Just like with non-Christians, you will be unattractive if you are needy. Studies show that most Christians come off as needy in their dating. This is usually because they go into it with the aim of marriage. This isn’t the case with non-Christians who most of them get into it with the intention of knowing the other person better and have a life companion.

To be attractive in your dating and also make your relationship last for a long time you need to avoid being needy. This calls for you to have an exciting, independent life. Have great friends, engage in sports, hit the gym, and have your finances in line.

This gives you fulfillment, and when the partner is coming into your life, they aren’t coming to complete you. This makes you highly attractive as you don’t need anything from your partner. If you get into the relationship with a needy mentality, you will scare him/her away resulting in the ending of the relationship.

Pray together

It’s often said that a family that prays together, stays together. A couple that prays together also stays together. When you are together, you should pray together. You can pray for your relationship and other things in your life. If you want to, you can fast together to strengthen the relationship further. Prayer not only brings closeness in the relationship, but it also gives you guidance and wisdom. You should note that it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good dating partner without praying. It’s only that you are much better off with someone that prays often.


These are the Christian dating advice you can check for reference about Christian dating over 50. Whether you are looking for a dating partner or you are dating, you should be guided by Eph. 6: 10-20 that requires you always to arm yourself with an armor of God.

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