Dating Advice For Widows/Widowers Over 60 Who Are Ready To Move On

When you lose a spouse, it can feel as though your whole world has come to an end. The reality though is that your loved one would not want, nor expect, you to spend the rest of your life grieving their loss. Life does go on and hopefully you will reach a point where you want to explore the idea of getting into a new relationship. For people aged 60 and older, that is now easier than ever to do. As there are multiple online dating sites out there designed to help you connect with people who have similar interests. Before you jump in, let’s look at some advice for widowers in their 60’s looking to get back into dating.

Go at Your Own Pace

It is perfectly acceptable to join an senior dating site and test the waters before going on a date. There is no fixed time-frame that applies to every widowed person, so take as long as you need to grieve before you go on that first date. The great thing about online dating sites is that you can get to know someone via texting and video chat before you ever meet them. If you get a sense that the person you are talking to is not right for you, there is nothing that says you need to go on a date. Only make that step when you are ready and completely comfortable.

Try Not to Compare Potential Dates to Your Former Spouse

This one is much easier said than done, particularly if the loved one that you lost was a great partner. It is natural to hold everyone you meet to the same standard and compare them to the one you love. But everyone has on their own merits. If you are constantly comparing the profiles of potential matches with your lost loved on, it may be that you are not ready to date just yet.

It’s Okay to be Friends First

When you go on senior dating sites over 60 and older, chances are you are going to run into a lot of other people who are widows/widowers. Not everyone is going to be on there looking for their next great love, as most may simply be looking for a friend first. Love can very often blossom when you gently test the waters of friendship first, and it’s a great way to get back out there without setting any sort of long-term relationship goal.

The Bottom Line for Widowers Over 60 Looking to Date

The truth is that there is no clearly template in place for widows looking to get back into the dating scene. Only you know what you want and how you feel inside, so try to use that as your barometer when you set up and online dating profile. Make it clear what you want out of you online dating experience and only change those parameters when the bar moves for you.

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