Lumen Dating – More Over 50 Dating Choices Are Available

It is now a normal thing for the over 50 crowds to date online. And the number of over 50 singles keeps growing faster than any other age group. It is a perfect time for mature singles to discover the fun of dating after 50. Why? On one hand, we have so many over 50 single candidates who are looking to get back to the dating scene again. On the other hand, the fast developed technology guarantees us more and more way to find the match online. There is no need to say that online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet other singles. Well, this is now also the choice of the older generation.

The trend: going mobile

Back to the 90's, we usually meet new people through mutual friends. But now with the technology boom, it provides us with modern way for meeting new people – online dating. Just do a search online, you can see a lot of online dating sites out there. There are also some that are designed for senior dating only. If you have ever checked, we already have detailed reviews for the best senior dating sites up to date.

lumen dating app

In recent years, you may also notice the fact that people are more into using these dating sites or apps on their mobile phone. Why? Now everyone gets their own mobile phones and they always carry their phones whenever and wherever they go. Thus, it is more convenient for us to use these sites and apps on the mobile devices. They can browse profiles and chat with their possible matches anytime and anywhere.

Imaging that you are drinking at the coffee shop, you can do the search and browse profiles casually in a relaxing mood. You can also check messages in time to avoid missing any chance. Convenient, effective, no limitation for time and location - these might be the most important reasons for people to use these sites on mobile.

What is Lumen dating?

Among those senior dating apps, there is one named Lumen. Lumen is a dating app specially designed for over 50s to meet like-minded singles. Many older people search for Luman dating to try their luck. But currently, Lumen is only available on app platform. You can download their iso or android app to use on your mobile. But this may reduce the value since there are always more features on the PC version of these senior dating sites. But no worries, there is still yet many other better older dating platforms for you to choose.

More dating choices for singles over 50

Other than lumen dating, we have more recommendations for older singles. Since people now value the convenience, we will recommend sites that have mobile friendly design. Tinder might be the most popular dating app among the younger crowds. People love it because of its easy to use features and the high chances of success. But majority of the users on Tinder are young and below the age of 40. Older people are eager to know if there is any site works like that but for older people.

Here is comes, – the dating site works like Tinder but caters to seniors only. They do not allow the members below the age of 45 to join as their member. You can visit their site on your personal computer. They have bigger fonts on their site which is friendly for older people to use. Although it is not an app, but their mobile version is perfect to use on your mobile. Just feel free to visit their site in the browser of your mobile and you will see what I mean.

Ourtime is quite another great choice for over 50 singles to date and meet. It will meet all your needs since they have both PC site and apps available for you to use. We don't need to introduce more of the site as we already have detailed review for Ourtime. But one thing we do want to remind if you are planning to use their apps. You can register your account and upgrade your account on their PC and then download their app on your mobile to use later. This is because that most apps charge higher than their PC sites for membership fee.

Senior Dating Sites

  1. SeniorMatch