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Online Dating Advice for Older Women

Online dating is not a new idea for women over 50 anymore. More and more older women come to the online dating sites looking for their possible matches and dates. Though some of them are old fishes who may have already tried different sites, most of the members are new to this online dating. The most complains we have received from our female members are “It seems that men in our age group are looking for much younger women?” While some male members over 50 are looking for their match within a wider and younger age range, it is not the whole case. Older women dating online is not that difficult as you thought it would be. Here are some useful tips.

1. You have to know what you are really looking for

Before you get ready to jump into the online dating sites, you have to know what you are really looking for. A serious relationship that can lead to marriage with someone your own age group? Or you just want to be a cougar to find some younger men that you can date and have fun with. Make this clear before you move forward to the next step.

2. Choose the suitable online dating site

With different intention, you may choose different dating site to join. In the first case, you can choose a suitable senior dating site. Unlike the general dating sites, members on those sites are mostly looking for serious relationship in their own age group. And if you are a cougar, there are also some great cougar dating sites that would be a perfect fit. Finding a suitable dating site is important and it can make the process relatively easier.

3. Make a nice and real profile

Yes, once you have signed up with a certain dating site. The first thing you should address is to make a complete profile with your photos. A profile with more photos can get a lot more attention than those are not. We will also provide our online dating profile tips later for your reference. But most of all, you have to be real. Don’t even lie about your age or anything else to make your profile looks perfect. No one is perfect and no one would like to be cheated.

4. Keep your personal information safe

We understand that many people worry about the safety for online dating, but there is no reason to refuse online dating because of this. Scam exists in every field, but you just need to be careful and remember never sharing any personal information with someone you meet online. Information of your bank account etc are top secrets. You can can check the other article we will post about online dating safety tips.

5. Don’t be shy, you can be the one to break the ice

Many female members would complain that there is no one they are interested in to contact them. Why just waiting for contacts from other members? You have the choice to search and choose those who you are interested in to make contact with. Just be brave and send the ice breaker. There is no such rule that men should be the one to break the ice.

6. Smile, be real and act yourself

When you decide to meet each other offline, remember to be real and show a nice smile. You may both feel a little awkward when you first meet. A nice smile would help both of you to relax and have a nice conversion. Just be real and show your real personality.

Hope the above advice can make it easier for you to to have a nice online dating experience.


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