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Online Dating Profile Example for Senior Singles

Many people would find writing a profile on dating site an annoying thing and don’t have a clue where to start and what to describe about oneself in the profile. Although we have previous advice articles about online dating profile tips, it would be much more clearer if you can check an example besides those written tips. So here it comes, the following is a sample dating profile for senior single daters to check and get some idea from.

Writing about myself is not something I am used to doing. Some say I am outspoken and opinionated. I view myself as just honest and to the point. This makes it a rather unique experience to write about myself though. What should I put here to make you think I am worth reaching out to for more discussion than the next guy? Being alive as long as I have has given me insight into things that others may not share. After reading this, if I still sound interesting then please by all means, contact me and let’s talk.

I could say that I am into long walks in the park and enjoying sunsets. I could. I won’t though. Everyone on this dating service does that. I am unique. I am a unique person and so are you. That is why I won’t waste your time, nor mine, being like everyone else.

Surviving life as long as we have you tend to learn to let the small things go. Life is too short to bother with worrying over things out of our control. The younger generations have yet to learn this little secret and that is why I find it easier to smile and just enjoy life. That may be the best thing about growing older, being able to just take my time and enjoy life and not worry about things.

That is the greatest treasure we have – understanding of life and the joy of enjoying it. The kids are grown and moved out, grandkids may be on the way and life is grand. It is the simple things that drive us each day to do better than yesterday.

Travel has always been high on my list of priorities but that list is never completed as new things are added daily. Visiting other countries always seemed nice but I never found the time to make the trip or it was always the wrong time of year there. Besides, traveling is always more interesting and engaging if done with company. Hard to stand atop the Eifel Tower and look to a stranger beside you and smile and point without looking like you lost your mind.

Parks are usually slower paced and fun places to visit because of the variety of people and animals. Not so much when you are alone as other people assume you are a sad old person. I don’t like being that person. I prefer to be half of that fun couple people leave talking about that were obviously just enjoying the twilight years of life. Again, hard to do when alone.

Taking the world by storm is no longer a priority for me though enjoying it is. Things are slightly slower paced in my life, I don’t dream of being in the front of the race as much as I enjoy the journey. Walking instead of running. Meandering the side streets rather than driving the freeway. I prefer things more laid back but still interesting and challenging and will always be up for a challenge when life presents it.

I look forward to talking with other unique and interesting people, I know you are out there. Let’s talk and maybe take things further.


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