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More Senior Singles Are Using Mobile/App for Senior Dating

Online dating is really popular in recent years. But with the development of mobile technology, the younger crowd are switching to mobile for dating because of its convenience. People always carry their phone with them wherever they go and you can use it anytime. Many online dating sites published their mobile version as well as Apps for their sites to suit this trend. Thus people can simply browse a profile on their mobile even when they are enjoying a cup of coffee. Yes, it saves time for the busy young crowd.

Then how about the older crowd? Senior online dating is also popular these years. But not all of them are tech savvy. Let's see what would this mobile dating trend would bring to online dating for seniors.

But recently a poll done by SeniorMatch - an online senior dating site which has been online for more than 13 years shows that this mobile dating trend has also affected the habit of the senior daters. In other words, more and more seniors are using mobile for senior dating. Based on the statistics of the poll, the number of people who are using a mobile for dating grows rapidly within the recent months. There are at least a quarter of the new signups come from the mobile users. Comparing with last years, there is an obvious 12% increase.

The research also shows that mobile users are a little bit more active than the desktop based users. The login frequency of mobile users are also higher than those desktop based users. "I like to use my mobile phone better than desktop. I found out that the mobile version and app are always easier for us seniors to use. And it is convenient for me especially to check the emails received in a timely manner. You know that we can always check it almost anytime." said Jane, a senior dater who started her senior dating a half years ago.

“Like all other people, we baby boomers are also spending more time on the mobile phone. You don’t have to be tech savvy. App makes dating much easier than ever.” said Foster, a male dater in his 60s who is also an active app user of SeniorMatch.

As we all can see from the above that senior dating is now going mobile as well. So it might be time to join this new mobile/app dating trend for seniors.



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