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What Happened For A Disappeared Profile On A Senior Dating Site

We have been communicating with online senior daters all the time. They told us their online dating stories, experiences as well as their concerns and feedback about the dating sites they have been using as always. From all the things they have been complaining about for the dating sites, we found another frequently mentioned issue. A lot of daters mentioned that they have ever received some contacts from some none-exist members. This sounds really confusing to all the members who had that experience. How could this ever happen? How could a none-exist member make the contact with other members on the site?

Let’s first take a look at their complains to get further understanding of the issue. “I got winks from other members, but when I check back. It says that the member can not be found? Really? It just disappears.” “There is notice for me to check my winks from other member, but the user just can not be located. How come I got winks from a member that does not even exist on the site?” “Is there any kind of robot on these dating sites that send me such kind winks that I can not find. Cos it does not make any sense that they just vanished after they make contact?” There sounds really confusing. With all these kind of feedback, we dug further with some staffs from the online dating sites for seniors and here are the possible reasons for those disappeared profiles.

First, the member could have hidden his/her profile temporarily for some major update. They may not have a perfect profile for older dating site when they becomes a member at first. And when they noticed that there was not much response due to their incomplete profile, they may take down their profile to make some changes. Second, the member could decide to close their profile for personal reasons. Maybe they just meet someone or not available for the time being. The last but not the least reason, the profile could be take down by the site for internal investigation. In this case, most of the profiles might be suspicious fake or scammer profiles which are under investigation or have been suspended already.

These may clearly clarify what happened to those disappeared profile on a senior dating site. This seems to be an issue that exists on nearly all sites they used. As we know that all the top sites works hard to investigate and close profiles that act inappropriate on their sites. And there are also ways to report any suspicious profiles to ensure safe and successful experience for all their members. We suggest to try contacting their customer support whenever you have any questions regard their site. You may also check some senior dating tips to get better experience with your dating.


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