Zoosk Search Sets Dating Service Apart From Competition

Dating today is slightly more complicated than it was a few decades, or even years, ago. With the advent of social media a "bad date" can become a nightmare. Even long after it is over, a bad date can haunt one or both people and even their friends. More often than not this happens with dating apps that don't really let you narrow down the options that you see when using the service. With Zoosk, and their powerful search option, you can narrow down your prospects in a shorter period of time versus services that do not offer any kind of search option.

The Customized Zoosk Search

The search options that Zoosk offers their members is above and beyond similar dating services. The improvements start with being able to save multiple profiles in your search settings - ideal for singles that are looking for a few unique but different attributes in prospective dates. Considering the popularity of Zoosk, users will appreciate being able to save up to six different, unique, searches for future use. No matter your interests, with the multiple search profiles available on Zoosk, you can find that special someone.

This custom Zoosk search option allows users to keep tabs on potential dates that meet certain criteria. While it may seem that having the option to save searches is not a big deal, it is. No longer do you have to keep adjusting your search criteria every time you want to check up on new singles that joined Zoosk. Also, you may have potentially found your ideal date but accidentally closed the app, restarted the search or similar action that removes your search criteria.

On other dating apps you would have to remember what you had searched for and then attempt to recreate it. With Zoosk search, you can save search criteria under a name that makes sense to you and then revisit that search, and the updated list of new singles, whenever you like. Also, if you find yourself no longer interested in the results of a certain search, simply delete it and open a slot for a new, better, Zoosk search.

zoosk search

Make Full Use of The Search Function

Meeting singles is a game of time. Your ideal date may be at your fingertips but they are also at the fingertips of every other user on Zoosk too. That means time is of the essence when not only finding your ideal date, but also in contacting them. If you are constantly having to chicken peck your search settings on your mobile phone then you are wasting valuable time. That time could be better spent talking with your ideal date instead.

Finding that ideal person you want to spend time with is tough enough. With the custom Zoosk search options you will be able to focus more on the people that show up rather than finding them. Since you can set six different searches in Zoosk and save them, you can cover a lot of ground so to speak with very little effort. While other dating apps won't even allow you to save one search, Zoosk blows them out of the water with options that improve your chances of finding the right person today.


Zoosk is innovating the singles dating apps with their search options and saving capabilities. These innovations are impressive and great for users that are interested in seeing more of what is out there rather than seeing the search page repeatedly. Singles come and go on a daily, even hourly, basis - missing them is easier than ever before, this is bad for potential matchups. There is nothing more disheartening than missing out on a chance with your ideal date due to being too late in contacting them. With the sheer number of new singles joining Zoosk it is becoming more and more of a possibility that you will miss your ideal date if you don't use the Zoosk search functionality to its fullest. Why go through that when you don't have to?

With the innovative Zoosk search option you can set details you are interested in and save up to six custom searches for later use. This means that you can have up to six custom searches at your fingertips (no having to retype and remember). Zoosk search will save you time and effort - who really likes typing the same thing over and over on a cell phone anyhow? Your potential ideal date is out there, spend your time getting to know them.

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